What you will learn with this eBook?

  • What your cat really wants from you

    You will learn to understand your cat's needs, including when they differ from and when they are similar to yours, and how to make your cat's life even more enjoyable and catlike.

  • How to make your house appealing to your cat

    Imagine that you are a zookeeper and your task is to set up an African lion's kennel to be as close to a savanna as possible. This book will teach how to set up your house lion's natural habitat.

  • How to interact with your cat

    Take your communication with your pet to a whole new level. Learn how to make playing more fun, how to pet him the way he likes best, and what his body is telling you.

  • How to maintain your cat's health

    Your cat's health is the main component of his quality of life. This book will not teach you how to heal diseases, but it will focus on how to avoid them instead.

  • What the best food to feed your cat is

    Just like you, your cat is what he eats. Learn things like what to look for on a commercial cat food package, which cat food type is the best, and how often should you feed your cat.

  • And many more...

    This book not only contains 37 ideas how to change your cat's life for good, it also contains additional tips, information, and how-tos.

Maris Munkevics and his partner Signe, a veterinarian, have produced, in cooperation with other veterinarians, a really useful series of tips for cat happiness in this book. Even the most experienced and cat-scratched person is likely to learn something new.
John Doe
Michael Cox
It was a great pleasure helping with this book as a veterinary consultant. Despite extensive experience in the veterinary field, I had an opportunity to learn new things about cat behavior.
Inga Birne
Inga Birne
This eBook is a comprehensive and an incisive read full of great tips and ideas to let your cat live happy! Several tips were new to even me and I will be implementing them in our cats lives!
Jimmy Doe
Bryan McCulloch
Slave of 14 cats


The eBook “37 ways to improve your cat's life” contains 37 pages full of great cat advice accompanied with pictures.

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